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We love the Moselle style

In our top locations, we want to produce typical, straightforward Moselle wines that let the soil and the year taste good. From growing the vine to harvesting the grapes to aging in steel tanks, "gentle minimalism" is our motto. Our wines speak one language: "Mosel, Mosel, Mosel". 

Our local wines should convey uncomplicated drinking pleasure for everyone. Single-varietal character wines such as our Sweet Summer or our Elbling should combine fresh and fruity fun and enjoyment. 

Our locations are unique

We are the only winery that manages the Bremmer Calmont and the Klottener Brauneberg in equal measure. Southern slopes with a similar soil structure, whose wines we produce identically in order to make the uniqueness of the locations palatable. Then there is the Bremmer Frauenberg: a lovingly tended vineyard whose grapes fascinate us every year! Our most exciting and multiple award-winning Rieslings are produced in these three locations!

Can you tell the Calmont from the Brauneberg when Marion pours you both blind? 


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